Learn How to Code, You Say? Why Don’t You Go F*ck Yourself

When I needed money, I learned coding—but I ended up so miserable that I left IT forever.

The Horrible Face of the Machine

Once you have seen the face of the machine, you can no longer keep on with the meaningless conversations, you can’t even read the newspapers. All you want to do is kiss the earth and make love to somebody, in spirit. To breathe, in spirit. To hold on to the rope that leads you home, hold on to it with both hands, hold on to it like your life depends on it, and not let go. I suspect that those who are still excited about the newspapers, haven’t seen the face of the machine.

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Business Practices Do Not Exist in a Vacuum

Imagine a fight between two boxers. Say, whoever wins, takes home five million dollars, and the other one takes nothing. Say, they both agreed on it. It’s an honest fight, all fair. Then one of the guys slips drugs in the other boxer’s drink so that his rival gets sleepy and tired and cannot fight adequately. And the charlatan wins and takes the prize.

On the surface, it’s a victory. But in the reality underneath, it is not a victory. It is a disgrace and an act of cowardice. The suffering of the other guy is real but the victory of the coward is an illusion. Confusing people’s minds with propaganda and desperation (“you have to… or else you’ll starve”) is like slipping drugs into one’s drink. If you are strong, you know that it’s an act of weakness.

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Imagine, there is a mobster. He controls many people, and he has money–a lot of it–but he knows that his power over his hood is based on fear, and he is afraid to lose it.

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