Tessa Lena is a strongly opinionated singer and musician living in New York. Robots are on her shit list, and this blog is about not taking shit from the machine.

She is a classically trained pianist and singer, born and raised in Moscow, and now living in East Village of New York. Her bio reads like a Hollywood movie with a happy end.

After being attacked by a sex trafficker during her travels and enthomusicology research in Tibet, Tessa moved to Chicago and started a band working with her hero Ian McDonald of King Crimson and Foreigner, and drummer Alan Lake, who has played and recorded with Madonna, Brian Ferry, Julian Lennon, Ministry, Brian Wilson and Sam Moore from Sam And Dave.

After moving to New York, Tessa started a new band, Tessa Makes Love, along with occasional collaborations by Ian McDonald.

In 2013, her music video “Spente Le Stelle” received over a million views on YouTube although the jury is still out on how many people realized that the video was a satire. The world keeps spinning.

Tessa Lena recently released an album that is not shockingly titled “Tessa Fights Robots,” you can listen to and buy it here.



(1) Body painting and photo by Derrick Little
(2) Tessa Makes Love at Webster Hall, New York. Photo by Dani Ynad


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