There is a planet. It has existed for a very long time. The planet has everything for people to sustain themselves. It is on purpose.

According to the laws of the physical world, all people have the ability to access food, water, air, materials to build a shelter, and each other.

In the social world as it exists today, a very small amount of people control most of what the planet has for everybody. There is nothing conspiratorial about it. No ‘socialism’ can fix it because given the way people think about the world, under socialism, too, a small amount of people would control what the planet has for everybody – just with the help of a different set of hashtags.

Again, there is nothing conspiratorial about it. There is a word for it in the English language, it is called ’corruption.’

In the recent years, people started using words like ‘deep state’ but really, it just means ‘deep corruption.’

If you are honest with yourself and you ask yourself who controls most of the land, most of the water, most of the food, and most of the air, you will have to admit that it is a bunch of unimaginably wealthy people who don’t give a fuck about you, and that’s how they are unimaginably wealthy – by not giving a fuck about you and by moving you and your children out of their way, sometimes with a smile, and sometimes with a punch. In other words, corruption.

Of course, the brain wants to believe in some kind of order, and good intentions, and predictability, and a system that is generally benevolent – but in the end, we do not benefit from deluding ourselves.

It is not capitalism, it is not socialism, it is feudalism. That is the world we live in. It is feudalism, with some room for creating wealth if you are willing to twist your soul a little, or if your soul doesn’t suffer from playing a twisted game.  And it would be lovely if more people realized that we live inside a box of feudalism, so that we can collectively start to pedal out of it, for freedom’s sake.

This system is maintained by violence and confusion.

Violence is the cornerstone of it, physical violence for ’the other’ and for the ‘third world’ – and emotional violence for the rest.

How many people would live their lives the way they do and say the words they say in pubic if didn’t absolutely have to? How many people would keep wasting their lives away at office jobs? Or perpetuate bullshit at conferences dedicated to bullshit?

How many people would much rather tell their bosses to fuck themselves – and would then go garden, or paint, or travel, or stay at home and give all the love in the world to their kids in person, 24/7 – if they could? Yet, most people can’t afford to be themselves and say what they think, because there is no dignity for them in expressing who they really are. Because, money. Because, fear of going hungry, fear of pissing off the gatekeepers, fear of shame, fear of not having a shelter, fear of obscurity, fear of unlove.

This system would be impossible without violence, without an army of invisible miserables who spend their lives suppressing their hearts and getting old without glory. It is a collective agreement to keep each other down.

The end.






Photo credit: Victor Zamalin

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