It is feudalism.

All those stories of sexual harassment by big shots that are in the spotlight now (most of which are likely very true) are not outrageous one-offs, or crimes committed by singly bad people, or symbols of male criminal nature (I am being facetious; plus, some men suffer from it, too). They are simply random examples of feudalism.

Women (and men) who allow themselves to be professionally harassed or to be treated as sexual objects, in most cases, are in a situation of economic dependency of this sort or another. They want a career that they hope will bring them respect and a social standing in the future, they want to continue having a career, they are afraid to lose their source of income or their reputation, and so on.

It’s the bulldozer.

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The way people in offices and at conferences say ludicrous, batshit crazy things about the future and about the bottom line that justifies wars and suffering, with straight faces, is another expression of feudalism. Most people don’t start out as idiots, they gradually lose mental coherence because having a vibrant brain hurts too much under the pressure of feudalism. Feudalism makes it very clear that sticking out comes at a price. It’s almost easier to numb one senses and hope that one can live like that.

At the moment, the world is a giant jar of feudal behaviors and pressures. If you zoom in on any occasion of why you acted like a coward–somewhat against your heart and your brain–you will find fear of social rejection or fear of economic repercussions.

In a society that respects the spirit (another way to describe respecting the human heart), there is a line that nobody crosses. Once the line is crossed, it turns into a party for headless chicken running around trying to numb the pain of being an orphan.

Nobody can save us.

The spirit never left, it is our choice to love again, and be a part of the real world, the world that was more obvious before adventurous liars drove a bulldozer over everybody.

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Photo credit: By Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections [No restrictions or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons