Step 1. Declare that sexuality is dirty, and that God said so (that creates great confusion and makes people weak).

Step 2. Create arbitrary, unnatural rules for the sexual behavior of the peasants: no sex before marriage; no sex after marriage; no changing partners even if you no longer like each other; no gay people; no masturbation (that creates great confusion and makes people quietly unhappy… the important part is to present it in such a way that people will blame themselves for being the way they are).

Step 3. If you are in the position to do so, go ahead and break all the rules because hey, they ARE idiotic rules. But for God’s sake, keep a long face and keep condemning the peasants who dare break the same rules
(that, now, is power – in order for one person’s sense of forced dominance to exist, freedom of expression needs to be stolen from others).

Result: A society where people have to metaphorically buy the ticket to unlock their own sexuality (take that, gamification marketers!)

And of course, those who have purchased the ticket, can choose to act wisely, or not.

And then, there is feudalism. Economic dependency is an important factor.

Step 1. Let’s stop bullshitting. You can’t fool nature.
Step 2. No, seriously, let’s stop bullshitting.
Step 3. And grow a soul. It is the soul that ultimately dissolves algorithmic feudalism. Systems will keep us walking in circles until we miss our soul so much that we won’t be able to bullshit anymore.


Credits: The photo is a screen shot from my ‘Spente Le Stelle’ video that was shot and directed by Craig Wehr