It is a f**ng trip to observe the high art of using words to weave a web around anything that the opponent says. And then, kill.

They teach it at law schools. It is a weapon of war, not a weapon of obtaining the truth.

The truth is laughing at all of it, or maybe crying.

Reminder: Any debate that is NOT focused on the actual, honest well-being of people, of our fellow citizens and our fellow human beings elsewhere (who are members of the same species), is a joke.

A joke that we will regret bitterly when we are very old and on our death beds – the place where we will all eventually arrive, transhumanists’ fantasy notwithstanding.

There is no good reason not to wake up from this lying nightmare now and stand up tall.


And when we ARE on our death beds, the time we have wasted on betraying our love and purpose in favor of winning in pompous verbal battles, will bite.

Why not make better choices? Freedom is the most practical thing.


Credits: The photo is a still from my ‘Spente Le Stelle Vibrasonic Remix’ music video. Body painting by Olenka Barinova, camera work and direction by Craig Wehr, animation genius by Miles Kalbach.

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