Here’s the thing about framing. Say, I greatly care about the fate of creative people and artists’ rights. I really care a lot. Artists and musicians are kept for clowns and servants, and it’s heartbreaking. I would love to change that, even a little, if I can.

However, if I could get all artists to the top of the mountain by claiming with confidence that the founders of Google drink blood instead of coffee, I would not do that. Because the founders of Google, as little as I like them, are my fellow humans, a part of the same species. They have insane ideas, they want to merge people with robots, they are fucking with our species and with artists in particular – but it would still be wrong to make rumors about them (not that they need any rumors; they are bad enough). 

In our current debate that is happening on Facebook and in people’s heads, anything goes. No proof, no nothing, anonymous experts, pulling the blanket from one side to another, emotions overflowing, fictional heroes and fictional villains…. pathetic. Can we just honestly admit that we don’t know fuck? Who is doing what, bribing whom, spying on whom, making business deals with whom? Can we just honestly admit that every party is most likely lying, and that in reality, it’s love against the assholes?