The perceived abyss between the left and the right – the abyss that is largely forced upon us as a way to let us feel like we stand for something by virtue of siding with one or another – is extremely amusing to me. Amusing, annoying, sad and lovable because we are all in it together, none the less. Let me generalize a little to explain what I mean.

The right. Let’s say, traditional Western European religious values, aspiration for wholesomeness of the soul, faith in patriotism (interpreted as it fits the interpreter), a belief that things of nature are suspicious and possibly evil, seeing women and non-Western cultures as somewhat secondary (I am generalizing, remember) to the man who always says important things from God – who is most likely Christian. 

The left. Stated loyalty to mathematical truth and the letter of law, not bothering with religion but instead, worshipping science (interpreted as it fits the interpreter), faith in patriotism (flavored with a different emotion than the conservative patriotism – but it’s fine to drone civilians none the less as long it’s done by a pretty face who says the right things), a belief that things of nature are a resource to be used, seeing female intuitive knowledge and non-Western cultures as somewhat secondary to the ‘objective’ linear approach of, let’s face it, still the Western man. Who still always says important things.

My inner child asks: Why so much in common? Is it because the two are relatives who are both trying to cover up the same wound with different stories? And who loses when either of the two is dominating the culture? Well, everybody loses, really, because how many happy people do you see in the street? So maybe, fuck theory?