I was thinking about political correctness. On the gut level, I have never understood it. I suspect it’s because I have real, live, loving respect for my fellow human beings, and slapping a formula over it feels like a joke. Political correctness is an algorithmic solution to a spiritual problem, a solution that is destined to be a sorry piece of band-aid on a gigantic bleeding wound.

And then it dawned on me.

The Western world takes pride in being algorithmic. That’s the basic definition of “civilized.” The Western world prides itself in being civilized, meaning, objective, meaning, well, algorithmic.

Humans are not loved unless they resemble a predictable machine, and even then, it’s not love, it’s a certificate of adequacy.

‘They’ think that human subjectivity is too random and will always lean toward corruption and evil. ‘They’ don’t trust human subjectivity to lean toward forgiveness and elevation.

In fact, ruling helpless children whose subjectivity is dangerous, works out just fine. Unlike manipulating conscious free adults connected to their spirit.

And DOH, when we let go of love that is free and not stifled to death with formulas, we have dead bodies walking around, wondering where all the happiness went.

And perhaps, dead bodies do need political correctness, who knows.

But holy f*cking f*ck! It’s the notorious ‘original sin,’ the toxic idea invented by people who were either very unhappy or really f*cking evil.

The implication is horrible: humans are not capable of wisdom, and need a machine to keep them in order. Complete fucking lovelessness. And each new child grows up to discover that he doesn’t need to be real, he just needs to be adequate.

Tragedy on steroids.

It’s been this way for too long. A scared Christian who only f*cks in a missionary position, an excited marketing exec following the rules, and, I don’t know, a producer of soulless music, seem to all agree to be parts of the ‘man-eating machine.’

I don’t like any of it.

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