People! As you know, I am super non-partisan. I don’t consider myself either democrat or republican, I consider myself human, and I intend to keep it this way as long as I live. That lets me be as authentic as this not-so-authentic world allows, and generally happy.

I have friends with different political convictions, I relate to some things, vehemently disagree with with other things, and don’t get into useless blame-ridden political arguments unless they are forced on me (in which case, you have to ask yourself a question: How much do you want to piss off a person who is usually peaceful? :)

Thing is, we are in a place where every one of us is basically defending our feeling about the world, even the ones who say that they defend logic and order and feelings are ridiculous. I rolled my eyes at most of the pre-election rhetoric because none of it, to my senses, was real. Based on what I know about life, attaching one’s self-worth to a politician is an act of desperation. They, most of them, by default, will sell your mother to a brothel if it elevates them. And then charge you the sales tax. Judging them by what they say is like judging a doctor by whether he or she says you are healthy. A useless metric.

As much as we are tempted to think otherwise, I don’t think that it is about democrats vs. republicans, or Trump vs. Obama, or racist misogynists vs. lazy entitled millennials. I think that in the heart of hearts, it is about people who are willing to do work in order to remain whole and human (regardless of political camp, race, gender, and nationality), vs. people who don’t bother.

As far as immigration, man oh man. If people only had any idea how difficult and stressful it can be to be in suspense, to have a life here yet not know if it is all going to be taken away from you any moment. Everybody’s experience is different. Some people come here with a family and things more or less set up for them. I came here by myself with a thousand dollars and fought for every inch of my journey. I’ve heard it all: “You Russian shit for brain,” “You second class citizen,” “Nobody will believe you because you are an immigrant,” etc. etc. I was humiliated and detained while having legal papers because a bully wanted to deport me. And he was right, nobody believed me. At least, not until I spent a lot of money in legal fees. I was essentially a kid when I faced all that. I wasn’t ready for cruelty, it took me a long time to regain my personality after being treated like shit and yeah it ultimately made me more relaxed about everything, kinder and stronger–but how can I not be outraged when other people are subjected to similar humiliation, although under a different narrative? It is not a political thing. It is a thing of soul.