Imagine, there is a mobster. He controls many people, and he has money–a lot of it–but he knows that his power over his hood is based on fear, and he is afraid to lose it. So he decides to study the people and find new ways to keep them under his foot. As we know, he has the money to spend, so he builds a data collection n recreation park. The park looks very modern, the flowers are pretty, and everything is painted with happy colors and covered in children’s drawings. Everywhere, there are sensors and hidden cameras. When people walk, the signal from their footsteps is transmitted straight to the mobster’s headquarters where the best scientists of the world analyze the data. And scientists? Like innocent children, they just love playing with data, and they love to be paid for what they do for fun. He pays them well!

In order to lure regular people into the new park, the mobster throws a sweet opening party. He hires models and celebrities to entertain the crowd, musicians to provide the noise, and photographers to make everyone feel desired and interesting. He even drops free candy everywhere for people to snack on when they come. And come, they do.

The party is a big success. Members of the press get free champagne, and the reviews are most glamorous and inspiring. Newspapers praise the mobster for his altruism and his dedication to community work, and the sensors… who cares about the sensors.

So the mobster’s data collection n recreation park becomes a happening place. There are snacks, there are little corners for everybody to self-express (a luxury in the modern world!), and it even seems like this place is finally free of fear. People enjoy the self-expression, and tell their friends, and everybody wants to see what the hype is all about… fun! People keep coming, sensors keep recording, the scientists keep playing and getting paid for it, and the mobster keeps learning.

And those who have a stronger sense of truth and freedom? They end up alone, and since it is not awesome to be in isolation, even they start coming to the park – so that they can be with other people.

The end.




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