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Seems like a lot of people are feeling lost, lonely and isolated, due to no fault of their own, really. We live in a world that tells us that our devices are our windows into reality, that we need to follow algorithms to find friends and dates, to be happy…. but how many truly happy people are there? Not so many, if you ask me. I think we need to talk to each other more, and to listen to each other, and to be human.

To make things worse, many ‘inspirational speakers’ are themselves inspired by commerce more than anything, and sell delusions. I want to have real conversations. There are no magical pills, no magical solutions, and no miracles besides the ones that come from the inside, from personal courage and personal intelligence. Maybe somebody needs to talk about that. Wait, is it me? 🙂

Thinking out loud about dignity, overcoming isolation, and being human in the seemingly impersonal digital age.

Millennials, algorithms, robots…

Before the Music Was Stolen! Live @ the Hive.

I Want to Know You as a Computer! Live @ the Hive.

I had the great honor of being a guest on Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human.

Douglas Rushkoff: ‘I had a great talk with composer/performer Tessa Lena – one of those conversations where you get into the nature of life, what we can do with our time together, and how we are truly different from the machines and institutions that would control us. Luckily, we were in the Team Human audio booth at the time, and it’s now a new episode of the show: Tessa Fights Robots. Take a listen and let us know what you think. I open with a monologue about whether it’s really the robots we should be fearing, or the drive to become more robotic, ourselves.’