!!! The name of this blog came before the name of the album.


For some time, I lived with the assumption that women sing and write songs, and men produce and engineer. I don’t know why I assumed that, I guess I assumed what I saw. And to be honest, I did not care about audio quality at all. I can enjoy a good song in horrible quality, it doesn’t take away from the magic. When I was living in Chicago, I spent a lot of time at Paragon studio (we threw some cool parties there!) but did not feel any inclination to touch their beautiful console. Now, I am thinking, God, why didn’t I learn my way around audio back then? But I digress.

Then on a whim, I started using my laptop for composing, and I was OMG so impressed by the sonic quality of loops that came with Garage Band or Ableton! Don’t judge. They sounded light years ahead of anything I could do sound-wise (I am talking sound, not composition, I was composing since early childhood, and I’ve always felt quite comfortable with that).

I started asking friends to help me here and there, friends usually wanted to date me or else, so that didn’t go very far.

Then  I thought, well, the help thing hasn’t worked out, I might as well get my hands dirty and learn it. So I learnt it (and of course, continuing to learn, and there is lots to learn). The end.

This album, I am mixing and mastering myself. While it makes the process slower, I am quite digging it. This way, I am the person who I am driving nuts by deciding that version 378 is “good but…”

Fifteen related songs, you can listen to four now and you will get them if you preorder the album. Knowing me, you can guess that I am not putting it on Spotify.