See, I like to do things that are useful. Truly, in the heart of hearts, useful. And a couple of week ago, I realized that I absolutely cannot help anybody who would rather be drunk on the arousing electricity of the echo chamber. I can’t, until they come to me and ask for honest to heart sanity. That’s the only thing that is fair. Furthermore, I have no interest in creating slaves and in drinking enemy’s blood. It does not turn me on. Genuine understanding turns me on, love and agreement turn me on, fixing things from the inside makes me ecstatic.

There are people who have a gift of perpetually swimming in poison and exposing the liars. I admire the people who have that gift–and when I am exceptionally fed up, I get at liars with vengeance. But in general, I like creating beauty and helping those who want help.

The narratives repeated 24/7 across all majority political and cultural spectrums are, for the most part, insane.

An insane conversation (laced with treacherously friendly iPhone ads), in my face, 24/7, delivered by respectable adults, is not easy on my cognitive state.

Why is it insane? Well…. It is insane because it focuses on mythology and pain points, and ignores the big picture, the roots, the mechanisms that really drive what’s going on, our human nature, and the fact that all of us, all of us, belong to the same species, like, for real. It is not kumbaya, not an abstraction, not an act of tree hugging, and not a conspiracy theory. It is the most immediate fact of nature and reality. We belong to the same species, we live on a small, beautiful planet, our home is love and it will always be.

And while it is true, we have diseased zombies in positions of power, and we ourselves are making stubborn, uneducated choices, to avoid pain. Very, very stubborn uneducated choices to avoid pain. The managers of the machine (our fellow humans, by the way… not wacky creatures from another planet) get to the top of OUR society by indulging in unthinkable corruption and by breaking the rules that we are all supposed to follow (wink, wink). They have no shame, they are diseased and driven by bottomless hunger of the soul and addiction to power–but we love ‘em.

We love ‘em.

We are collectively kissing their asses (pick your hero) because we A. Want to believe in a good world, B. Cannot emotionally handle chaos, and C. Are conditioned to avoid strong negative reinforcement that is reserved for dissidents and those who think unpopular thoughts. It’s like getting tiny metaphorical electric shocks to our ego the second we step out of line. And so we choose comfort, understandably so, and we get so attached to swimming in the insane narrative that we hate anyone who tries to break the spell.

It is a collective dance of insanity and coping with humiliation.

Will America kick the Russian ass or will Russia kick the American ass (yawn)? Will republicans stifle the democracy or will democrats stifle the republic? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

A super emotionally draining circle jerk that is not even real.

Personally, I respect everybody’s right to participate in it. But I don’t wanna.

I want to interact with people who care to understand how things work, whom I can help, who respect me, love me, and who actually have an open mind.

I have zero interest in political jerking off because everything that is happening in politics is a symptom, it comes from the inside. It comes from the broken soul.  And the story we are invited into is not even honest.

The world needs art, love, curiosity, fearlessness, acts of courage, and open minds. It needs fewer hashtags, and definitely fewer liars.


Credits: The photo is a screen shot from my ‘Spente Le Stelle’ video that was shot and directed by Craig Wehr

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