I Wanted to Talk About Dating R Kelly But Ended Up Talking about Russian Culture Instead

This story is about the Russian women and our cross-generational strengths, weaknesses, courage, and servitude.

Pain Excites You More Than I Do

So, once again I independently decide that you don't love me. You deny it, you say it's not it. I have a hard time buying it because I know how people act when they are in love. They can't bear long separation, they can't help responding to texts, it's the Force that...

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Little Deaths

A ghost of you is everywhere. I feel dumb, helpless and enlightened. I think about all the places where we used to go every weekend. Restaurants, our faces, laughing. Trust, ease, feeling comfortable. Where the fuck did it all go? I refuse to think about quantum...

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It’s 7.30 in the morning and I am trapped inside an office cubicle, across the wall from the majestic American corporate skyline.

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A Story of a Song

“I Miss You.” I wrote it many years ago and somehow, it still has its own place in my heart. I was so excited about the guy! He was my perfect type. While being my perfect type, he was hurting me. He was arrogant. He was unfaithful. He was lecturing me on being square because I objected to him kissing other girls (in front of me, none the less). I remember thinking, “One day, he will understand. One day, one day, he will appreciate me and understand.”

And then I lost interest.

And then he died. Drugs.

I fully and completely forgave him. I wish him peace somewhere away from me.

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