Lovers, Missionaries and Technology: A Story of a Passionate Little Boy

Listen, baby. I’ve built a castle for you. I want you to love my castle, and I want you to love me for building it.

I am an Outsider: A Story of Freedom

In a world driven by financial self-preservation, truth-telling is a commercial affair. Truth, the edited version, hello.

Civilization at a Crossroads: Feelings, Words, and a Power Grab

Our masters don’t mind our fighting with each other for the leftovers from their table.

The Speedup

Imagine trying to get happy on a tight deadline. Like you have ten minutes to get happy, or else your boss is going to punish you.

I Wanted to Talk About Dating R Kelly But Ended Up Talking about Russian Culture Instead

This story is about the Russian women and our cross-generational strengths, weaknesses, courage, and servitude.

Too Many Names to Remember: Are We 7 Billion Anonymous Observers?

I can watch a video with 55 million views, cry over it, feel the feeling—and never know who made it, or who was in it.

If World Leaders Were Parents

If World Leaders Were Parents

If world leaders were parents, we would have a very strange selection: On one end of the spectrum, a crazy, militarized parent with a whip who beats his child any time he does something forbidden, and on the other end, a neurotic, passive aggressive parent who feeds the child too much chocolate to earn popularity, and secretly slips meds into his soup so that the child remains a little disoriented at all times, and needs daddy.

The funny thing, if either child were to rebel (against the whip, or against the soup meds), things would get very dramatic and ugly, very quickly.


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Political Narratives as Religions…. Why My Butt Hurts

Political Narratives as Religions…. Why My Butt Hurts

The problem with today’s political discourse is that political narratives have become religions. Each individual storyline is no longer a storyline but a mini-dogma. The foundational postulates are tied to the deepest emotional core, to the very identity – but the...

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