Lord Brain, create a lie for me, a lie so sweet and interesting that I could believe in it, a lie so grand and tempting that it will be impossible to resist.

The world as it was created before me, feels suddenly boring. It is boring because I don’t own it.

I want something new, even if it’s a lie. A lie that will take me on a journey. I lie that will take me to a place where I don’t know any other God but me. A place where there is no vulnerability, a place where I don’t have to give or be grateful to anybody, a place where there is no uncertainty of love but only predictability of ownership – of everything and everybody, by me.

I want to experience ownership of everything, I want to forget the world in which I am a part of the so called ‘whole,’ something that I did not design.

May there be no roots, only Holy Innovation. May there be no responsibility, only Holy Disruption.

May everything around me become inanimate, and may I be perpetually trapped in re-living my greatness, so that nothing reminds me of what I am about to lose.

And thus, the man who asked for everything to be inanimate – because only inanimate things can be owned – lost his soul and became a robot.

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