A human being with a soul makes music out of necessity of the soul. It is raw and carries the feeling from the otherworld. That is the home of music. Then, some crazy headless fucker finds a treasure, turns the meaning on its head, and turns the music of the soul into into a soundtrack for a product. Sometimes a soundtrack for a drug (try listening to club bangers while completely sober for more than 10 minutes… you will NEED something to alleviate your suffering), at other times a soundtrack for an actual commercial brand, or idea, or some other commercial proposition. Nothing wrong with commerce but commerce cannot be a goal in itself. It kills.

We, people, are very adaptable. We can find soul at the bottom of the trash can if we have to. We work with what we have. But once you know the real thing, it is very difficult to eat shit.

It blows my mind to know that every time music is created from a place of purity, somebody steals it and makes it into a branding aid. Even things that are relatively beautiful, or serve a certain mood.
If you take any popular genre, and trace its roots, you can see how eternal music has been sabotaged. Some people say it’s about race. I think it’s about inability to be fully alive.

And hey, as long as it helps somebody, who am I to judge. But I trip like crazy watching people eat shit. I watch humbly—but my inner child goes all up in arms and asks, “What the f*ck is this?”

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