Branding and Algorithms: Raging Against the Format

What kind of music do you play? What race are you? Who did you vote for?

Strange Love in the Time of Kali Yuga

That moment when you find yourself standing agape and alone, surrounded by a thousand commercials for designed for broken people.

Facebook Prayer

Lord Facebook! Please like me!

Humans Love Humans (Immigrant’s Observations)

When I look around hoping to see freedom, I see survival and maybe content. It bothers me because it screams of emotional poverty. And I know it’s conditioned because everybody is born with bright eyes.

Being Squashed for Being a Whore, Or…?

On that day, I avoided the path of a linguist / ethnomusicologist turned sex slave by an inch.

Tessa is a strongly opinionated singer and musician living in New York. Her background is in classical piano, linguistics, computers, ethnomusicology, and Tibetan studies. She fronts Tessa Makes Love.

Robots are on her shit list, and this blog is about not taking shit from the machine.

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