What makes people argue passionately and with great self-righteousness about politics? It’s the emotion attached to the idea. Assuming the argument is sincere and not a part of the job description, we argue for the victory of the existential good over the existential evil. The feeling is, ‘Why doesn’t that other person see the world the same way I do? Don’t they have a heart and a brain?”

However, the hidden part is that often, the link between the true emotion that we feel and the ‘correct’ idea that we passionately defend is purely arbitrary. Oftentimes it is formed with a lot of help from those who are paid for shaping the public emotion. People with a lot of money are not idiots in that sense. They know that we live to validate our emotions in the world’s eyes, and they laugh at the fools (that would be us) whose feelings they pull in whatever direction they want. Damn, we voluntarily spread the viruses they give us! I am sure there is a marketing book about it somewhere. 🙂

I was just thinking about it. If one is either genuinely cynical or desperate for money – meaning, past the point of being picky about what to sell – one can spin anything. No, really, even your favorite thing. They can make good look bad, and they can make bad look good. All they need is to create an artificial connection between an emotion (that is ultimately real, in the physical sense of it) – and any idea. The idea can be literally taken out of one’s arse (like transhumanism and the latest religion of AI Godhead… haha). It is not difficult to invent realities and feed them to people, given enough of a budget and a population gullible or desperate enough (and gullible, we are, unfortunately…. it’s the stress and the need to be liked!)

As a result, in the real world, most of the arguments that good people have with each other about politics and society, are rooted in sheer fiction. We argue about symbols and hashtags – but the casualties are real. For one, we sacrifice relationships with real people (who might like us and not be the enemy at all). And for two, while we argue about symbols and hashtags, the cynical ones do whatever they want, harm whomever they want, kill whomever they want, and steal whatever they want.

Individuals (our fellow humans – not superheroes and aliens) are fighting with each other for ‘resources.’ Our opinions are a byproduct of their carefully assembled ‘realities.’

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Ultimately, they practice contempt for all of us. Contempt and disrespect for us, little consumers who want to believe that our voices matter. How do we counter their disrespect for us and make our voices matter for real? We shake them all off. Not physically – because it’s not their physical self that is the problem but the mental state they represent – but emotionally for sure. We start thinking our own thoughts, from scratch, about ourselves, about where we come from, about why we are here and what we want from life, about history, about their motives, and about where the money trail leads.

The real reality is about love. We should not be spreading their mental illness any further, it’s up to each of us to take the responsibility and break the cycle. It’s a big cycle, it will probably take all of us to break different parts of it – together, with love.

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