Pick your brand of destruction!

In one corner of the boxing ring, there are the old school, pro-oil, pro-industrialization, ‘fuck nature,’ dudes with cigars. In the other corner of the boxing ring, there are the ‘integrate people with robots, deprecate obsolete childbirth, digitize life itself, and fuck nature even more,’ dudes with glasses and IPOs.

The former ascribe their right to piss on others’ health and well-being to God’s will, and the latter say that they are God.

Poor stressed-out spectators are picking sides and yelling at each other without realizing that either way, if they don’t look up from the ground and from the screen—and object to this rather cruel theater—they will have to bend-bend-bend over.

Welcome to the early 21st century!

Oh and keep walking.

Nothing to look at here.

Hey, have you heard what that idiot said yesterday? Aren’t you outraged?

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