“There’s a dawning consciousness emerging in Silicon Valley as people recognize that their conventional success isn’t necessarily making the world a better place. The C.E.O.s, inside they’re hurting. They can’t sleep at night.’

‘Where Silicon Valley Is Going to Get in Touch With Its Soul’ by Nellie Bowles


Dear Tortured Soul of the Silicon Valley,

You don’t need expensive hipster rehabs. Let me offer you a few free tip—as free as my yummy data wants to be in your world!

In order to find your soul, dear, you need to face the music (get it?) You are not a messiah. Furthermore, you have never been one. Not even when you just started out!

You were very good at business and even better at persuasion—and you probably still are. You had a spark and believed in yourself madly. That is a good thing. A lot of people can learn from your confidence.

However, a messiah, you are not. I am saying it without sarcasm, and I don’t want to hurt you. I want to give you a hint at where to go look for your soul because you seem to be looking. Maybe, once you get there, you will be happier and you will stop ‘disrupting’ and ‘innovating’ the world that is mine as much as it is yours.

Please re-read the last sentence. The world that is mine as much as it is yours. Yes, my motive is only half-way altruistic: I am bleeding from your futuristic visions, and while I love the spark of spirit in you, I am not going to surrender to your passionate vision without a fight.


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See, as special and intelligent as you are, you are still a part of this world—the wise, ancient world that hosts both you and I, and has no need for messiahs whatsoever. What it needs is for us to remember why we are here. 

Our world is beautiful – and it has everything for us to be happy. Every human being has the ability to save herself from the inside, if there is love. Yes, you, too.

How do I know? Well, maybe I had an epiphany. From the inside. Maybe, not all knowledge is binary, and maybe you are not the only one who is allowed to have a ‘vision.’ And no, I am not a messiah, either. I am just trying to give you some tips since you seem to be suffering. Oh, I feel your pain! I’ve been feeling it since the very first moment of your ‘disruption’!

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By the way, did you know? People have been living on this planet for many thousands of years – do you really think that only now, and only thanks to your brilliance, we have a chance to finally figure it out?

In your thrilling excitement, you have created a new addiction. You have oversimplified the things that are complex. You have taken isolation to a whole different level. You’ve made a mess, and well, you have to humbly fix it. I don’t need another great idea from you until you change your entire mindset. 

You are still arrogant.

You are still trying to act like an elder before you’ve  earned your wisdom.

You think that as a visionary, you have the right to impose your vision on the entire world, as if the world were your personal playground – and not a complex system of relationships in which you were only a small part.

You are arrogant because nobody taught you otherwise.

You are arrogant because you are high on your ego, because you are running away from yourself, from the hole in your heart that is gaping just where the indescribable love is supposed to be.

Somebody lied to you about it when you were little—and you fell straight into the trap.

But it’s is not too late.

You are still a part of all of us. However, you sure as hell have to accept the fact that you are not a messiah, and that you can only fix what’s yours. You are a part of the whole. There’s lots you can do—but you can’t fix anybody but yourself, if you overstep your boundaries you will only break more things.

And as long as you keep running around trying to be a better messiah, you will continue to disrupt what needs to be loved. I know, I know. You certainly have the money to keep it going. You have literally a billion times more of it than I do. But isn’t it all about happiness and leaving a good legacy?

If you are trying to find your soul, please let it go. You are not a messiah, and it’s okay.

Photo credit: The image is based on a still from a Tessa Makes Love music video shot by Craig Wehr, with animation by Miles Kalbach

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