I was thinking about how people complain about millennials. Unfairly. Even if we are to generalize–which I am not a fan of–it comes down to this: The generation dubbed millennials (by marketers?) is the most recent generation that is currently fully adult in terms of age but has been kept in childhood longer than earlier generations, thanks to advancements in technology AND an evil intention on behalf of marketers. Why? Selling to lonely children is much easier. Simple and cynical, as usual. Now, keeping people in childhood when they are adult is an existential crime (because adulthood is fun and creative), and those who are responsible for that cultural development, should not be pointing fingers. On a side note, the technology keeps developing and marketers aren’t stopping, so it is only going to get more interesting.

And then I started thinking why so called millennials are so bent on escaping adulthood. And then it dawned on me. OH MY GOD I KNOW.

It makes so much sense.

First, a very important thing: Even though the mankind has been getting incrementally more helpless for the past few thousand years (a story for another day but yes), each person and each generation has the full ability to find real truth and real happiness, and each culture produces its own version of beauty and its own version of an authentic primal scream. The Spirit is always everywhere, it just gets masked by those who eat other people’s creativity and freedom, as well as by accumulated collective confusion.

When people still lived tribally, collective knowledge about how things work and where happiness comes from (the most important thing!!!), was at its height. It is not a coincidence that rich Western people often try to dig for happiness in indigenous cultures, it’s just hard to explain indigenous cultures using the binary Western vocabulary because life is multi-dimensional. Scientists who say that tribal people were primitive comparing to us, are full of shit. It’s us who are more primitive on the physical level, even though (or because) our machines are more advanced. Before people got excited about getting ‘civilized,’ everybody worked for themselves, everybody was creative, physically active, and enjoyed the warmth of the community.

Today, only wealthy people, artists and business owners get to be creative on the everyday basis. Ever since people ventured into post-tribal civilizations, adult world has been redesigned for slavery. Slavery has since come in many forms: the actual slavery that has been practiced by many cultures, the religious confusion of the Judeo-Christian faiths that separated people from nature and thus cut the cord between the person and immediate happiness, then the industrial revolution forcing people to abandon independent creative labor in favor of dumb and meaningless conveyor operation (all in the name of making more money for some dude!), then office work that gives people poor postures and health problems, and many variations in-between.

On the most fundamental gut level, we all resent slavery because our soul knows it’s abuse and it’s disgusting and invasive. Sometimes the mind knows that we are being targeted for slavery, sometime the mind just knows that something is off.

Instinctually, every culture and every generation tries to escape slavery in its own way. Each new generation tries to find a way to escape abuse of adults in accordance to the most current culture or technology: escape is done through music, or drugs, or TV, or VR, or whatever it is. And of course, every time, marketers are conveniently there to sell something to the person wanting to escape slavery.

Millennials are fine. We are all in it together. We need to feel ourselves fully and to get our species out of this vicious cycle of unfreedom and unlove.

It’s about freedom and love. Seriously.

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