The Western civilization has created a lot of hashtags, and it is very proud of it. It is the hashtags that separate us from nature. Before the hashtags, we lived simply, swam in the water, created art, spent time with other people, ate meaningfully, felt awe.

We did not need and did not use any useless handles, any abstractions, any definitions lagging behind reality and spoiling the feeling of awe.

Once we invented the handles (our own invention, nobody taught us, look, look!), we lost the awe, and had to fill the void with the pride of hashtags.

Look at those hashtags, we said. Who else could think of them? We clearly are the best.

And then came the self-help gurus and published a hundred books entitled ‘Living in the Now: How Hashtags Make Us Unhappy.’

But the bastards didn’t tell us that you can’t intellectually eradicate the hashtags. First, you need to lose the pride. Maybe they didn’t tell us because they never actually found that happiness, the little lying bestselling authors.

Maybe they were horrified that if we ever find out that we don’t need them to be happy, nobody will love them. Maybe they hoped that we would breathe them into existence, somehow.

The Western civilization has created a lot of hashtags. Aren’t we great?

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